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  • A mirror-like glass: electroplating
    A mirror-like glass: electroplating
        Other than the fact that glass is widely used in our lives and practically everywhere, it is also a common element in the artifact industry, especially those mirror-like glasses ...
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  • Engraving a logo: Embossed & Debossed
    Engraving a logo: Embossed & Debossed
    Embossing & Debossing     The method to achieve the visual effect that embossing and debossing can bring you is rather simple, compared to the previously mentioned printing techn...
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  • Holiday Notice: Tomb-Sweeping Day
    Holiday Notice: Tomb-Sweeping Day
        In memorial of our Chinese ancestors, the personnel of Chengfeng Brother Glass Industrial Co., Ltd. will take a short break from Apr. 3rd to Apr. 5th. Requesting for a quote is still possible during the period tho...
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  • Doing business with CFBG: A How-To
    Doing business with CFBG: A How-To
       It is never easy to find out the perfect glass just for you in any marketplace. There are more than 3000 glass suppliers on Alibaba Intl. marketplace alone. It could be daunting for some t...
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  • Logo printing: screen printing vs gold printing
    Logo printing: screen printing vs gold pr...
        In our last post, we talked about some differences between logo processing techniques of decal and their variations. Actually, there is more to logo processing than just these, because in...
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